“even the most fickle are faithful to a few bad habits.” // m. cooley

in terms of love and friendship, i am as loyal and immovable as a mountain range – even if you’d prefer me to move an inch, i probably won’t budge – that’s how much i’m going to love you. (it’s light and breezy, i swear.)

however, in terms of the contents of my medicine cabinet, (which i do not actually have, but seemed necessary to include in terms of this little treatise); i’m as capricious as a four-year old child confronted with an ice-cream shop with more than 31 flavours.

i’ve got powders, balms, and sprays galore. let’s not overlook all the shadows, brighteners, creams, and a stash of blush that could dye an iceberg into a rose-bush. so, while i continue suppressing the memory of purchases past and left unused – there are those items that i covet with such intensity, you couldn’t get me to use something else, no matter how much you begged, bribed, or enticed.

i will not be swayed.








➝ source : TLC framboos glycolic serum via drunk elephant / i haven’t complained about my skin in weeks, this is the reason why.

➝ source : modster liquid eyeliner via ardency inn / i’ve tried all the liquid liners. ALL of them. for now, this is the go-to.

➝ source : scent edp via costume national / have worn this scent for over 20 years. people get upset if i’m they can’t smell it on me.

➝ source : dry texturizing spray via oribe / if i’ve said it once, i’ve said it a squijillion times. oomph for days.

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