“it takes a long time to become young.” // p. picasso

the moppet turns six tomorrow.

despite the fact that i harbor all of the feels absolutely all of the time, i’m not one to make that very apparent here – this isn’t a mummy blog after all, (wait, is it?) yet, i couldn’t let this moment go by without contemplating the speed of time, on being a mum, and the complications of raising (and dressing), a six-year old girl.

well, let’s just concentrate on the dressing part.

if there was ever a time when i’m reminded of what it’s like to be truly young — it is when she opens her wardrobe and a buzz of abandon washes over her. i am reminded every morning, what it is like to be utterly unself-conscious; when my daughter come out of her room, with a look on her face that hollers – “i.am.amazing.”

and you know, she is.

it’s because she doesn’t care. she doesn’t notice her mismatched socks, or the red dress that has become a size too small from one season to the next; that the dress has been paired with what can only be called makeshift tie-dye leggings to boot. and as she peers into the bathroom mirror – deftly considering the placement of seven or so multi-coloured clips for her hair – i think, kid – you look nuts – but please, keep on doing it, for as long as you can.









➝ source : XO sunglasses via sons & daughters

➝ source : bangbang copenhagen jersey jumpsuit via fawn shoppe

➝ source : bunny purse via roxy marj

➝ source : polka dot oxfords via zuzii


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