“we forge the chains we wear in life.” // c. dickens

i have treated my neck and my wrists with the sort of care and thought some would see fit to dedicate to their doctoral thesis.

the reasoning behind such intense deliberation is that – though i am an ardent admirer of most things silver and brass, (you’d think i’d opt for platinum and gold, but alas…), it’s a double-edged sword of necessity backed with want. i need to have chains around my neck, and solid bangles of something or other around my wrists.

the necklaces are to ward off unknown and unseen evils; the other, the solid bangles around my wrists are for protection against inherent harm, (from what?), à la wonder woman. she was all about the talisman, wasn’t she? lassos, headbands, armbands, full-on breastplates of armor. so what does it mean now that i’m putting chains around my wrists and forgoing the solid rounds of wristbands?

is my armor weakening; or better yet, have i become all powerful?



Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 3.04.23 PM






➝ source : eye bracelet via kenzo

➝ source : double strand bracelet via venna

➝ source : black hole sun bracelet via iosselliani

➝ source : mono-bracelet in rose gold via maria black


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