August 21, 2015

“appearances are often deceiving.” // aesop

my eyesight’s been hazy since the eighth grade.

we used to have yearly checks done in school – thinking back on it, i’m not sure if these were optometry specialists, or just some randoms fetched off the street, given large paddled spoons and barked at us to read the letters on the board in front of us. it didn’t matter whether they knew what they were doing – at that point, i knew.

it seemed odd that so many 14 year-olds had such lovely, alabaster skin – when i looked closer in the mirror, mine was decidedly less milky and infinitely more… yayoi kusama-y. how was it that jenn from geometry didn’t wave back when i caught her down the hall? oh right, it’s because it wasn’t her – and i was flapping about like a twit at some indiscriminate, post-pubescent victim who was obviously way cooler than i was. good times.

i hated the small deceptions my eyes told – it demanded the wearing of glasses and the poking myself in the eye with contacts daily. it’s a fact of my life now – but when i can see clearly, it’s the tiniest of revelations when i think i’ve seen something – a pattern, a fold, the curve of a hem, a shoulder that seems to expand with a breath taken… and then realize, no – it was just my eyes playing tricks on me again.ksubi




➝ source : skeleton frame sunnies via ksubi

➝ source : mini alice via jump from paper

➝ source : vintage moschino via 1stdibs

➝ source : trompe l’oeil intarsia light wool knit dress via sonia rykiel



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