“i am the result of the good choices i’ve made and the bad choices.” // madonna

in those darkest of moments, those mornings better left to ignore the alarm and cancel all your appointments – it will inevitably happen.

you will dig deep into the furthest reaches of your wardrobe in search of something, for the love of everything good and pure in this world, anything to wear – and in the recesses, a spotlight will switch on, fiercely and brightly – as best to highlight your poorest choices and your most humiliating of purchases.

we all have at least a smattering of these… these things –

those drop-crotch trousers a co-worker talked you into buying during an extended lunch hour, never once mentioning your arse was the width of a 1984 volvo. the crop top you bought that one summer you were obliterated by mono and your belly went flat, that pair of sex-on-stilettos you wore exactly once and for not more than an hour – procured only because one ex-boyfriend mentioned his ex-girlfriend once wearing something similar that delighted him; and finally, that dress buried way in the back, that one you bought for the annual christmas party, that racy number your husband loved, but the memory of which makes you shudder.

i am not too proud to admit that i have a special part of my closet dedicated only to those items that give me pause, that induce a sort of sartorial shame. the ones i keep shoved so far into the back but keep, so that i will always remember to always dress and be myself – they serve as the most perfect reminders.










➝ source : long sleeve dress with cut-outs via balmain

➝ source : gianmarco lorenzi sandals via shoescribe

➝ source : sheer lace crop top via topshop

➝ source : lanvin drop crotch trousers via farfetch


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