August 25, 2015

 “if there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.” // e.w. howe

this was the first summer when i truly understood how long a summer could be.

in this, the summer of my daughter’s entrée into her sixth year – i have caught a glimpse, an uneasy foreshadowing of what these months might feel like in say, six years from now – when she’s an in-be-tween – when ennui will have inevitably set in; a time when her parents, (even me! how could i ever seem uncool to anyone?!), will seem a pair of cosmic jokes, and camp may not appeal as much as it does now, (unless we send her far, far away, which we may very well do… foreverrr). okay, maybe not forever.

and yet – however much the days might’ve seemed impossible to fill, how we managed to pack every last one of them with whatever energy was leftover from the day before, to entertain, to amuse, to stay in pajamas and watch every single harry potter movie on sunny sundays, (blasphemy!); to on occasion, reckoning with a bored moppet who is as mighty in gaining a laugh as she is getting into mischief. the summers no longer seem as easy as they used to be.

and then, into first grade she’ll go and time will start gaining on us again. the leaves will turn, sweaters will come out, and before we know it – we’ll be contemplating what’ll keep her busy toward the summer of her seventh year.

for now, i’ll take some small solace in the fact that she hasn’t yet been bitten by the back-to-school shopping bug – and love it on her behalf. i’ll hit pause on ruminating about the passage of time, on the complexities of raising a well-adjusted kid and forgetting how quickly it all goes by – and just pick up a few things, while she still lets me.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.19.26 PM





➝ source : quenotte simone dress via fawn shoppe

➝ source : embroidered eyes sweatshirt via émile et ida

➝ source : tiger stripe leggings via mini rodini

➝ source : nico nico sage dress via advice from caterpillar


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