“integrity reveals beauty.” // t. leonard

i don’t swear by many things. i delight in many swears, but that’s just for me to revel in.

things i find, can be far more easily explained away when they’re occasionally flaky, sporadically inconsistent and momentarily unpredictable. people too, can and will be all of these things at times – but when that happens it’s a bit more difficult to justify, saying – perhaps next time will be better.

so, what i do here from time to time, is offer my somewhat biased, yet wholly truthy word on what i’m currently finding to be at the tippy-top of their reliability game. truer still, is that this list can change from month to month or even from day to day – but on this day – i know the following to be true; i’m totally digging all of these… big time.





➝ source : foil frizz + control spray via r + co / my hair + 1209320% humidity + a sprit of foil = a 73% reduction in hair fog

➝ source : pretty easy liquid eyelining pen via clinique / no one is more surprised by this than me.

➝ source : agave lip mask in champagne via bite beauty / heals, softens – might be the perfect balm – in a shimmy nude. yup.

➝ source : 24K superiority complex texturizing paste via sally hershberger / i’ve been able to wear my hair down – two days in a row when using this – for me, that is a revelation.


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