September 28, 2015

“you may have the universe if i may have italy” // g. verdi

so, i have a question.

in terms of those who enjoy the fashion, am i alone in the thought that milan is, very possibly, the best of the lot?

of course, each metropolis has its strengths: in need of everyday sportswear with a dash of weird? head to NYC. if it’s puffed-up colour, a bit of grit and eccentricity you’re in need of – do not pass go, head directly to london.

paris – i can’t deny it, is tailored, dramatic, and cigarette-smoke-filtered loveliness – you can’t turn your nose up at a city that can offer un grand crème and dries van noten in the same day. [he’s belgian, i know – but shows in paris, so, it works.]

but then, there’s milan.

what will you find there? colour, fine tailoring, prestige, and when you need it, (and i do), intense quirk.

you’ll also find, after all is said and done –  luini panzerotti, where if you can’t afford anything more than to look at the clothes, you can pick up two perfect cheesy pockets of wonder and everything else sort of fades away… except of course, for the memory of the wonderful clothes.


clockwise starting at top left :

marni // fendi // giamba // stella jean // prada

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