September 22, 2015

“he who would travel happily must travel light.” // a. de saint-exupéry

i don’t tend to pack light – not on holiday or on the daily.

the proof is in the pudding – if the pudding happens to be my right shoulder; the one that slopes at an angle, ironically making me thankful for straps on all sorts of bags and totes. it’s a downward cycle of buckets, satchels, and shoppers – in all sorts of colors, textiles and pockets – oh, the pockets. the ones i stuff to overflowing with flotsam and jetsam, balms and receipts, hairbands and sparkly clips, the ones that my daughter has grown weary of wearing, parking tickets from 2013; and random coins from countries i haven’t visited since at least 2007.

what can i say? i carry a lot of stuff, and maybe i should clean out my bags a bit more often?



➝ source : jennifer shoulder bag via tom ford

➝ source : plath printed matte satin & leather clutch via mcq

➝ source : devon shoulder bag in rifle green via boyy  [i need to make this mine.]

➝ source : raymond shoulder bag via jérôme dreyfuss


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