“i never cared for fashion much, amusing little seams and witty little pleats: it was the girls i liked.” // d. bailey

there is a decided lack of tailoring in amongst the contents of my wardrobe.

there is not a piece to be considered bodycon, not one example of a garment cut on the bias, and there is nothing sharply bespoke or tailored in there. even any such blazers i own, are oversized and rather ovoid in shape. truth be told, in terms of geometry – the brunt of my clothes are rectangular in shape, with rounded corners. potato sacks in the form of frocks.

i don’t do well by austerity – rigid lines and constricting clasps, buttons and ties, make me fidget, pull and shift in my seat. so, i avoid contact, leaning instead on oversized, forgiving and soft. my hips appreciate it, but so does my peace of mind.

if there were to be some middle ground to be found, between the donning of a tarp and the confines of a bandage – it would hide within the creases of the magnanimous pleat – where else could one hide a multitude of sins, but rest assured that they would all be hidden therein?


l'agence missoni


➝ source : windparka dress via mary katrantzou x adidas originals

➝ source : l’agence floral embroidery pleated top via farfetch

➝ source : signature pleated zig zag skirt via missoni

➝ source : asymmetric pleated dress by issey miyake


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