“the worst crime is faking it.” // k. cobain

though grey days outnumber sunny at a ratio of roughly 3:1, the need for sunglasses has become absolutely paramount.

what else but to cover up a multitude of sins, eyeliner gone astray, wind making mascara run, raccoon eyes – an inevitability in autumn. loss of sleep and a duffle bag under each eye notwithstanding – sunnies are exactly that – a sunny mask in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colours – that either hide whatever it is you’re trying to conceal, or can be used as camouflage in the form of acetate – which make smiling with your eyes not nearly as integral or telling, as a simple and occasional pearly grin.




➝ source : boca half/half via illesteva

➝ source : flora acetate & metal mirrored sunglasses via gucci

➝ source : type 02 sunglasses in midnight blue via sun buddies

➝ source : neo noir sunglasses via le specs


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