“the human spirit must prevail over technology.” // a. einstein

prior to meeting my husband, i was a plain-jane, ibm-cube desktop, windows-working, dial-up modem.

anything and everything tech at that time, made those squealing, high-pitched dins – reminding me that there was something better to do than wait the roughly six and a half minutes it took to get online. because, let’s be honest, no good ever came from hanging out in an aol chat-room, and those geocities sites were bound to induce a seizure. the only thing from that time that remains, is the handle i chose – misshoax. i’d give you the backstory, but i fear i’d immediately combust from sheer humiliation.

six weeks after i started dating my husband, (the very-definition of an early-adopter – his family owned a mac plus in 1986), and he wooed me into the purchase of a sleek and polished gem of a laptop – a white, mac ibook.

there was no turning back – i hadn’t realized the allure, the seductive power of white keys in a clam-shell case, of blue ethernet cables and the limitless possibility of the internet. since then it has taken me everywhere – therefore, it’s no surprise that since every single pixel of my life has been touched by tech, that my skin would then demand the same bit rate as the rest of my life.




foreo x a wee bit skint

➝ source : laser precision hair remover via tria beauty

➝ source : intensify facial discs via colbert md

➝ source : multi-perfecting pore corrector concentrate via algenist

➝ source : luna facial cleansing brush via foreo


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