October 2, 2015

“if you can’t understand it without an explanation, you can’t understand it with an explanation.” // h. murakami

based on the knowledge that fashion, much like everything else bound by the senses +/- emotions – is ultimately, wholly subjective.

and i’m very aware that the opinions expressed herein are solely my own, and not of my employer, (also – me); a gaggle of you will disagree and perhaps a smattering will allow me my point of view –  but most of all, i think i’d appreciate the wisdom of a tenured pedagogue to give me some insight beyond the realm of grandeur, socio-political statements, and artistic expression; who is going to wear these clothes? because i – i don’t get it.





➝ all the brown, all of it, all at once. who wears this much brown, if any at all? // balmain

➝ flower power, to the nth degree. // manish arora

➝ this apparently, was the show of the paris collections. it was the one to be at. explain? // vetements

➝ i’ve got nothing. just a resounding ‘huh?’ // jacquemus


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