October 16, 2015

“you can’t go home again.” // t. wolfe

thomas wolfe was wrong.

you can go home again. you’ll have changed, in thousands of indescribable ways, in ways that are impossible to see and futile for others to understand – but it will be enough that you feel the change. you can go home again, you can step in the river more than once – your name remains the same, but you’re so very much not.

but that’s okay. that’s what is meant to happen. if you stayed the same, you’d be stunted, stuck in a rut, and what’s worse – an obscene bore; a right snooze.

and yet – that’s not to say you can’t refer to the past, see something good there and bring it on back. where do you think those dark berry lips, chokers and slip dresses came from? so, who’s going to say boo when i’m wearing my creepers now – just like i did when i was 15?

aweebitskint x urbandecay x blackmail

weebit x pamelove x riviera
wee bit skint x slip-dress x topshop

wee bit skint x monkstrap x underground


➝ source : matte revolution lipstick in blackmail via urban decay

➝ source : riviera choker via pamela love

➝ source : tropical floral print slip dress via topshop

➝ source : monk single sole black leather creeper via underground


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