October 30, 2015

“ice burns, and it is hard to the warm-skinned to distinguish one sensation, fire, from the other, frost.” // a.s. byatt

there’s always a first time.

today, it was that initial moment when i realized that it was the inaugural hour, of the inaugural day of it actually being cold out. it was the drawing in of the shoulders and using my hands to keep my collar up; of wondering where the hell my gloves were, and in deciding that perhaps it was time to invest in my yearly cache of opaque black tights. six pair for four months – (it’s like the survival of the fittest over here from november through march).

and so, i lugged out, (let’s be honest), the trash bag of cold-weather gear and got ready for the impending freeze. i’m not so distraught – it’s a big bag and being warm looks so good.





➝ source : yves salomon ribbed fingerless gloves via farfetch

➝ source : nordic heater via fjällräven

➝ source : woven pashmina shawl via the elder statesman

➝ source : hug (it’s called hug!) via humanoid


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