“nothing happens until something moves.” // a. einstein

as of writing, it’s quarter to six on an early sunday evening, during which, has at most seen my teeth brushed, a cup of strong coffee imbibed, along with an oddly satisfying handful of sriracha coconut chips consumed; and at the very least, the clothes that i put on before bed last night, have also spent the entirety of the day on me.

i keep it classy.

these laziest days are both mostly wonderful and a smidge terrible.

i adore having a day that lies in front of us without obligation. no plans, no scheduled events, a calendar space completely devoid of entries. it’s slow and it’s familial – it’s music playing, movies watching, and dinners ordered in.

and then – at about this time, when the middle of the day arrives; when i’m overcome by an overwhelming need for sleep the moment my ass approaches a soft surface, is when a mild sense of guilt creeps in – the shoulda-woulda-couldas. and so i find myself some busywork to do – doing laundry, changing linen, and oh, is that a mirror i see before me? then the questions start.

why do i look so tired, so ashen, so dull? what has happened to my youth? what could i possibly put on my face to eradicate the sheer inertia of this day, this week, this life?






➝ source : advanced ‘a’ serum via arcona

➝ source : facial cleansing powder via rodin

➝ source : energetic eye cream via goldfaden md

➝ source : this works energy bank bath oil via net-a-porter


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