November 16, 2015

“the home should be the treasure chest of living.” // le corbusier

i will not go into detail about the events of my weekend.

i will however, let it be known that it was unpleasant, unseemly, and most gross.

now that it’s over, there were only a handful of things i could think about during those foul 48 hours.

1] how much i would miss pizza, as i would never be able to eat again, 2] how there should be a third tap on all faucets – for ginger-ale and, 3] falling asleep fully dressed on the sofa was not a choice, but a necessity – climbing up two flights of stairs was an absolute impossibility.

when i did finally make it up the stairs to change into something more comfortable, to lie prone on the bathroom floor, i was at that moment alone, relieved that everything i own that constitutes loungewear, is beat-up, ratty, older than my daughter and perfect for being sick in.

when i’m feeling better – i’m looking into getting some new things to wear around the house.







➝ source : reversible duster via ace & jig

➝ source : cybelle top via skin

➝ source : heather pj pant via eberjey

➝ source : hooded star onesie via chinti & parker

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