“don’t call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your glasses.” // a. hill

if i kept mum over halloween, it’s only because i’m not particularly keen on that particular yearly ritual. if you’re under 12, or a dog – by all means, i’ll assist in carrying your pillowcase of sugar back to your house, but in adults – it gives me a case of the weirds. we spend so long trying to figure out who we are, by the time i got around to it, i no longer felt comfortable pretending to be someone else. (yes, i can make the lightest of topics heavy.)

and it’s true we wear a mask everyday, each and every one of us. but i suppose the difference there is, those dominoes already go with the costumes we’ve chosen for ourselves. the ones we feel most comfortable in, the ones that never feel like a disguise, but just a cover to keep us warm, to keep us safe, to keep us feeling like ourselves. now, i’m finding some comfort in not only wearing a pair of frames when it’s sunny out, but when the days begs for a bit more obscurity – and for when my contacts are bothering the hell out of me.


cutlerandgrosswatermelon sundaysomewherebrigitte




➝ source : XVI frames via valley eyewear

➝ source : 1207 manhattan frames in watermelon via cutler & gross

➝ source : brigitte frames via sunday somewhere

➝ source : round frames via tom ford


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