December 28, 2015

“the best is the enemy of good.” // voltaire

top ten lists are a bore.

barring books and film, beauty editors going on at length about the most-talked about products, the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the top of the heap – it all becomes a rather large let-down. either the lists read exactly the same; the lippies, balms, and lotions are all the same, they’re utterly uninteresting, or just don’t pique my superficial interests.

in the course of 365 days, of course, there are those items casually picked up in line waiting to buy the same shampoo i’ve used for years, the toner i bought because the one i’ve become accustomed to was sold out; and the eyeliner added to the umpteen other castaways, because there is no pen liner i won’t try. it’s written somewhere, a by-law that bianca must purchase every pen liner described as matte, long-wearing, and saturated in hue.

and yet, those items i did not have any intention of purchasing, those items i bought under duress, those items i bought – a few of them out of sheer boredom, because i was twenty minutes early for school pickup, because i needed a quick fix or a bit of cheering up; some of them have ended up on my personal best of 2015 – no matter how they ended up there in the first place.




➝ source : pretty easy liquid eyelining pen via clinique

➝ source : dermaclear micro water via dr.jart

➝ source : little barn apothecary charcoal + aloe face cleanser via bibelot & token

➝ source : foil frizz & static control spray via r + co


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