January 4, 2016

“it is not the fashion to see the lady the epilogue…” // rosalind / as you like it / shakespeare

it amuses me to no end, that when the freeze sets in, is precisely when spring is irrationally timed to be ushered in. sartorially speaking, that’s a bit of a paradox – a total head wreck. considering it took so long for the cold to arrive, i suppose now – seeing shorter hemlines, bare arms and the quest for sunshine makes it all seem a bit cruel. alas, it’ll come back to us sooner or later. (75 days, give or take.)

and though i’m tempted by springier ideas – i’m not lured by a lull of pastels, or diaphanous midi-skirts; but more so by the mannish, the sharp and severe. it’s still springlike, if my ankles show and my arms are bare, i don’t need florals and pleats, right?






➝ source : ann demeulemeester chain necklace via farfetch

➝ source : double breasted waistcoat via helmut lang

➝ source : pinstriped cropped trousers via joseph

➝ source : jillian oxfords via 3.1 phillip lim


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