January 5, 2016

“am i sleeping? have i slept at all?”// c.palahniuk

lying in bed the other night, the one when i decided that finding myself inside of it at 10pm would prove both beneficial and prudent, considering it was back to life, back to reality –  and then realized at roughly 3am that sleep had flipped me the most resounding bird; sleep had left the building.

there wasn’t much else to do, but stare at my phone screen looking for some sort of solace, then stare out the window and confuse the skyscraper lights for stars; considering my poor eyesight, those skyscraper stars were probably just antenna lights – whichever they were – i much prefer my sleepy visions of the cosmos over my sleepless-in-the-city reality.






➝ source : star age collar via pamela love

➝ source : sequin star poncho via saint laurent

➝ source : msgm sequined star skirt via farfetch

➝ source : super star sneakers via golden goose



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