March 1, 2016

“happiness is an inside job.” // w.a. ward

and so it goes, that roughly twelve to fourteen months pass by and in a constant whirl of day and night, night and day, school runs, and inventory buys, that i find myself sitting here, on a grey, and about-to-be unspeakably snowy day, and the interwebs knits itself larger and larger, and down i go, into the furthest reaches of virtual bliss. and no, it’s not that, because, ew, but of course it finds things to show me, and the wants set in.

to my credit, i haven’t purchased a personal item beyond the very necessary for as long as i can remember. there have been no new clothes, no new shoes, barring the one pair i needed for a holiday party, because to be perfectly honest, i had only scuffed creepers and worn plimsolls to my name – and those wouldn’t quite cut it. and so, what is it that i naturally gravitate to, what is it that i find most compelling? of course, it’s that one thing i can hide all my other things in.

sometimes i wish i was a shoe-girl, but then i remember they’re not worth the grief. i like that i can hide a little happiness-to-spare found in the bag i throw across my shoulder, day in and day out.


pierre hardy Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.42.49 AM

➝ source : rockstud crossbody via valentino

➝ source : saddle bag via coach

➝ source : pierre hardy ‘alpha’ crossbody bag via farfetch

➝ source : pod bag via marni


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