“things do not happen. things are made to happen.” // j.f. kennedy

something is afoot.

in the last two weeks, each of my wrists has seen a decline in weight and in inventory of real estate taken up on my wrists.

inflation is down, interest rates have lowered, and it seems now is the time to buy. chains have broken, cuffs have slipped off, and thin bands of metal have warped beyond recognition. i think that not only is the weather changing, the habitual wear of the same pieces day in and day out, has caused me to rethink the stack on my arms. and if you think that makes me sad, well, you’d be wrong.

by the time this happens, (and this always happens), i’m ready for a change. it may take a few months, or a few years – but i take it as a sign, that changes are astir, and life is about to become different in some very small, or sometimes, very large ways.

let’s slip on some new trinkets and see where this all takes us, shall we?



➝ source : skinny wheat bangle via anna sheffield

➝ source : peach marble hinge cuff via lizzie fortunato

➝ source : tangled bracelet via iosselliani

➝ source : half circlet duo via sabrina dehoff

“a sense is what has the power of receiving into itself the sensible forms of things without the matter, in the way in which a piece of wax takes on the impress of a signet-ring without the iron or gold.” // aristotle

i used to think that i was cleopatra reincarnate.

okay, perhaps not cleopatra exactly, but someone who scrubbed her sheets-slash-toga-frocks and helped put together those pesky pyramids – someone in the periphery of her reign; not anyone who had status, power, or anything really, but a keen sense of sarcasm and a fantastic head of hair. (yes – my timing/history is off, but i’m trying to do something here.)

i was definitely not one who would have any influence, a crest or seal of any sort; but a girl could have her ancient dreams though, couldn’t she?

this could be why i’m so lured by the signet – when i wore more than a wedding band, and slight midi rings, my collection was full of signets. perhaps now i think i carry some little bit of clout? i am the queen of my domaine, after all – i deserve a little token to signify my folding-laundry-whilst-watching-downton-abbey prowess, don’t i?





➝ source : ring pendant necklace via j.crew

➝ source : moon phase signet ring via mania mania

➝ source : signet bracelet via maison margiela

➝ source : LAB’s ‘a kind lady…’ signet ring via the shiny squirrel

“if you come at four in the afternoon, i’ll begin to be happy by three.” // a. de saint-exupéry

that wildly irritating truism that life begins to move at a swifter pace once you pass thirty, (or have children – whichever comes first), is a right thorn in my side.

even anticipation is not what it once was – it used to be that waiting made time go by at a clip slower than wet cement, but now – everything is so quick, so at the speed of light, so at the RPM of bandwidth and typing speed, (i’m at 120 words a minute, with only my thumbs!) – that waiting has become almost obsolete. everything is here, right when you want it, before even the spark of wanting was hit by a flint.

it’s 11 days out until winter 2014, but here it is, pre-fall 2015, for all to see and closer to the truth, to want…


[all photos courtesy of style.com]

➝ source : band of outsiders

➝ source : erdem

➝ source : rachel comey

➝ source : rodebjer

“don’t sell yourself short judge, you’re a tremendous slouch.” // ty webb / caddyshack

i prefer to carry a bag that has a lot in common with how i carry myself.

and that – that is with a lot of wilt to it.

i admit that there are times when i am so stringent in my convictions, (in corners matching evenly, in lines being folded neatly, in things being just so, and pretty maids having to be all in a row), that i can appreciate that my outside wants to give in a little. that it perhaps wants to follow the unruliness of my mane and just go whichever way, that it wants to have its liberty, like those loosely hemmed frocks and comically large sweaters i like to wear.

it just wants a little bit of limp, and admires a bit of slouch. let’s also not forget, that a continental wallet doesn’t always accommodate the confines of a rigid satchel. living can be so stubborn that sometimes, i just need something to give, even if it’s just my bag.




➝ source : slouchy shopper tote via arts & science

➝ source : the ‘fold’ large shoulder bag via maison martin margiela

➝ source : leather bucket bag via miu miu

➝ source : textured leather shoulder bag via jil sander

“sweater, n.: garment worn by a child when its mother is feeling chilly.” /// a. bierce

i’m not saying that i’m almost pulling the trigger on the best happy light for this merriest moment of seasonal affective disorders – but i will say that the last handful of grey days seems as if they’ve gone on for longer than i’ve had cups of coffee. there isn’t enough caffeine to make me feel sunny.

it’s been dull, drab and chilly. and there’s not much more i’d like, and/or have the energy to do, than cozy on up into one of my most fun-size sweaters, and have a brisk lie-down.

make me a coffee, will you? i like it sweet and light.




➝ source : mist animal sweater in blue via acne studios

➝ source : marine sweater via hope stockholm

➝ source : long-sleeve sweater via vivienne westwood red label

➝ source : walley crewneck via marc by marc jacobs

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